Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finally some breathing time!! yeah!!

well I thought since I was on here I would blog a little. things have still been crazy with school but hopefully it will get better in the next couple of weeks. The kids will be going back to school on aug 17 and then the only one home will be the baby so I should be able to get some scrappy time in. I only have til next week for summer school then a couple of weeks off before the fall semester starts so I am going to take advantage of the scrappy time. Things have been ok--wish it wasnt so hot here then the kids could go outside more and then it would be alittle quiet in the house. Like right now they are fighting over a plastic phone which btw they both have one the exact same one!! oh well this is why I usuallywait til around 3 am to be on the computer of course next week they start going to bed early for school so that should be helpful too. well I will be back later this week and post again. hope everyone is doing well take care god bless!

anniversarry giveaway!! by mellissa


Anniversary giveaway!! by melissa

gosh I know it has been forever since I have been on here I really need to make a pointof blogging more--it is so relaxing and rewarding. It is so easy to journal this way. Anyway I promise to myself to blog more often. Anyway wanted to let everyone know about a great blog give away you would not believe what she is giving away for her anniversary. A SLICE!! yep thats right so go and check her site out!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I know I haven't been on in a while but it just seems too hard these days. School is really kicking my butt and it takes all my time. I didnt even get to scrap as much as I love to. I did manage to complete all the challenges that I joined but literally til the last minute--meaning tonight. The summer classes that I am taking are so time consuming and it doesn't help that the girls don't leave me alone when I am on the computer. It is hard. Ok enough whining--we are probably all drunk with my whining--hehe! What else lets see well we had new carpet put into our living room ooohhh it is soooo nice. The kids love to lay on it-- in fact the day it was installed alyssa fell asleep on it of course gil was thinking of me and took pics and then told me he did it so I could scrap it--love him! Things are going well. We have been going to service when I am off from work and we have been doing some work to the house. Let's seee oh yeah we just had a few bdays in our chaotic familia--Josh turned 21, Ralph turned 19 and Alyssa turned 2. We got the girls new furniture so this weekend gil is going to work on getting their room set up. I went and bought Alyssa her own bedding and showed it to her, got a baby monitor , and have been taking her upstairs so she can get used to being up there. Gil and I decided that it is time for her to sleep in her room in her own bed. We have also been working on the pacifier but no luck yet.
What else--omg--it has been HOT! My poor plants and poor poor Bongo--we are having to put all ice in his bowl he loves it but poor baby! We are making sure to check his bowl at least twice a day. Ok well I think that is all that is going on for right now. Will talk to everyone soon and I am going to try to get on more often!!