Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Stampin sisters in Christ Challenge

I love this sketch and this group of women!! you should check out their blog--

anyway here is my take on the sketch they provided!! and a big thanks to all of the inspiration!

May our Lord continue to guide you all in making such beautiful scrappy goodies! and May he watch over you and your families during the holidays!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!!

Can I just say that I have one of the most amazing friends in the world yes I said the world--ok so my scrap buddy txrnc well let me tell you she gave me the best scrappy present for my bday that anyone could want!! so I tried to take pics so that everyone could see what I got and I had to take 2 yep thats right 2 pics just to get it all in. anyway I just wanted to give a big shout out THANKS TO VERONICA!! Here are the pics--yes its ok go ahead you can drool --hehehe!

My Mind's Eye challenge

ok so my buddy txrnc posted about this and I had to check it out and totally cool challenge so I decided to give it a try! so here is my take on the sketch this was fun!! I had been wanting to do this pic of my mom and marina. Ok so we had to do some pp flowers--I decided to do my own take on the classics. The first one is using my punch in different styles and sizes and then layering them together. I did them in different colors, bent some of them, add marker and stickles to a few to make them different. I also did my own take on lollipop flowers I used some of my embellies as the centers of the flowers again changing them up!! Hope you enjoy this page I really do!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009



Ok you all have to check this out and go do it!!! This is such an amazing awesome giveaway!!

go check it out

40 40 40!!!!

OMG I cant believe that I am going to be 40 the big4--0--!! hehe! Its all good because for one I know I look good for my age and second I am at a good place in my life and truly blessed with so much. I love how God has touched my life and continues to put peace in my life when chaos surrounds me! So lets see oh yeah I WON!! yeah a big thanks to Amber -- for the chance to win!! You should ck out her blog! Gosh cant believe another year almost gone. Time sure does fly by when your having fun. Wow I cant believe how big the kids have gotten and how far we have come as a family. God is awesome he has blessed me with amazing and awesome family and friends. ok enough of the sappy stuff! hehe! So this friday is my bday and we have lots planned. We are going to going out for some dinner and drinks with family and friends. The whole weekend is mine mine mine!! ok so I know I say this everytime but I am going to really try to blog more--new years resolution??? haha! but hey im gonna keep trying!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok so I havent kept up like I said I was going to but I haven't---but I have some honest reasons--really!! hehe! ok not but I gave it a try. Let's see well the semester is almost over--yeah and then guess what I have only a year left of school. I havent really scrapped lately but I will next week because I wont have any school. I mean I do on Monday but thats it at least until middle of january. tonight we got up some of the outside lights finally and then this weekend dh and the boys are going to finish putting the rest up. Wow can you believe it another year gone by--crazy. Its been sooooo cold--I dont like the cold ---my ankle hurts soo much when its like this. Also my poor fur baby who is outside is freezing--dont worry we brought bongo into the garage and I got him his blankets an covered him up---I took some pics I am hoping to scrap them later. What else oh yeah we got a new baby--tinkerbell or tink as we are calling her for short. She is such a cutie I promise next week to post some pics. I also want to post some pics from our cowboys game --boy was that some fun!! Gil and i had a blast--let me tell you--ok no I wont because it would be tmi--hahaha! but it was awesome! I got to be with my dh watching my boys playing it doesnt get any better than that! OH YEAH LET ME SEND A SHOUTOUT TO MY GIRL--VERONICA TXRNC!! she is on a roll so if any of you havent gone to check out her blog you need to do so!! she is doing great and she is on a dt now and pushing out the pages and they are AMAZING!! lets see what else is going on??? the kids are getting too big--gil and I are still trying to decide on another baby--but I gave him a deadline he has to make up his mind by this weekend! sooooo baby news coming to you soon ooooorrrrr NOT! hehe!

omg went to see new moon--awesome and drooling! lets see I saw it twice yes thats right twice in the same day plus I wore my new edward shirt--awwww! boy are those boys hawt!! yep I said it and I will say it out loud too! haha. First showing I went to see it with my older son and he was laughing at me telling me mom stop it I told him hey if you didnt want to hear this then you shouldnt have come with me. What else oh yeah I went and ordered my water bottles and this weekend I am ordering my new tshirt plus goign to get my new bracelet!! oh yeah before I forget I am turning 40 at the end of the month and yes I am a twilight freak although if you want to be technical I am a freak anyway=----shhhh dont tell anyone! hahaha!!! for those who know you know this already but hey I thought gonna be 40 might as well just let it all out!! well thats it for today until later this weekend or early next week then gonna post some pics!! so hollar! have a great weekend! life is good and god is great!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ho hum!

well let's see--I did some pages this past week--I really like the way them came out. I did them for the pagemaps challenge and even though its off a pagemap I really like how they turned out. I havent been in as many challenges as I usually do but thats because I have presentations and papers due for school--which btw I havent even started on!! ugh! I am still struggling to get motivated with this semester. Anyway tomorrow I plan on working on one paper and one presentation. I hope that we ( my classmate and I) can get it finished if not almost finished. I also have a few other modules that I need to get finished by this week. It is only four modules but to be honest I can't seem to get motivated to do them! anyways--lets see well I got more of my xmas shopping done--I only have about 5-10 people left. That doesnt count the kids but it wont be too bad this year --the two middle ones are getting laptops and those I just have to order--I dont want them to come toearly so I am waiting a few more weeks. Then the little ones are left but I usually do them later just because it gets alittle difficult to hide the gifts!! I think this year we are going to get them a swing set for outside I already priced them and I think I found one I really like!! then they will just get smaller stuff--u know the things they see on tv and say that they really really want--hehe! anyway I excited because this year alyssa will really know what is going on!! so much fun also going to be starting my annual baking!! hopefully next week--oops no because I just remembered I AM GOING TO SEE THE COWBOYS PLAY !! oh well guess the goodies will have to wait a little! Can you believe another year gone by! wow where does the time go! 2010 here I come--hope next year is ready for me! hehe!

Monday, November 2, 2009


So here are the pics of the girls as snow white--they were so beautiful!! and the pics of the house. Some of them came out really good and the others not so good--I forgot to take the pics while it was still light out but let me tell you it came out great. We are also going to do this next year but better!! We have already discussed what we need to get and I am already looking to get things early for next year!! we had so much fun the family came by and all the kids were taken to the park for some trick or treating and gil and myself stayed behind along with my dad to get things going at our house. We tried not to make it too scary especially when we knew little ones were coming thru but I like the effect we got--we had the fog machine going and the strobe lights too! well just wanted to share here I also posted the pics of some of the goodies we made the night before !! this was a fun halloween for me can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

my take on a starry night

this is for Shazza's challenge:
I really enjoyed looking at the painting and then seeing what kind of ideas floated around in my head. Thanks for this it was really fun.

Monday, October 26, 2009

thickers giveaway!!!

ok so who doesnt love thickers-uh yep everyone does. SSSSoooooo why dont you go by and visit denise blog because she is giving some of her stash away--and boy does she have a stash--lol!! here is her link

so go by and visit and tell everyone you know--be sure to let them know I sent you!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok so here are a few pics of my halloween decorations. I know it doesnt look scary during the day although the birds do still freak us out when we first walk out--I forget we put them out there--haha. I still have alot of decorations to put up but some i cant do til that day--like the black light, strobe light and the fogger. It will look scary that night and I will be sure to take some pics then.
Well I finally took my buddies advice (txrnc) to try picasa when I upload my scrap pages---ok ok it does make a world of difference when you go to upload them--finally the color is going to look like it does irl. I had been putting this off but now I see the error of my ways. I am not promising that I will do it ALL the time but I know when I can I will use it.
Today I did really good and got up and did my workout which btw after not working out for like 3 days kicked my butt. My legs are a little sore but nothing like before. I am going to give myself another week of 2 miles and then try to bump it up to 3--we will see I am not pushing myself to fast because I want to stick with it and I know myself if I think I am defeated then I wont continue but I am stoked because I am going on 3 weeks of consecutive working out!!! Just gotta keep it up now.
I have a really good schedule this week I only work on thru and fri--they are 12's but it shouldn't be too bad.
What else oh yeah I got some really cute pics of alyssa today but I need to get them printed out and also I am going to take the kids this weekend to the pumpkin patch--we do this every year it is funny looking back at those old pics--Gosh they grow up sooo fast. I was just thinking about when ralphie was a baby wow he is 19 now!! time flies.
Well I think thats it --oh yeah someone I won't say names reminded me that I needed to keep my blog up and yet she is slacking!!!! tsk tsk!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yeah my fav time of year is here--I know alot of people dont like halloween but I DO!! I got my decorations out and started putting them out, of course gil and ralphie had to help me because honestly I think if I went on the roof I would fall--hehe anyway so far about 70% of my stuff is up and my idea about the birds is looking pretty good. Once everything is up i will take some pics and share them here. I also have been doing the decorations in the house too---cant wait for you to see my body in spider web----ooooooh scaaarrryyy--haha love it. I havent had a chance to scrap lately just been reorganizing my little scrappy area. I bought a new little plastic drawer holder thing at walmart so I had to move things around a bit. I have accumulated sooooo much stuff lately but I have been doing good and not buying anything especially since veronica told me not to go to big lots because she is getting me goodies for my birthday---so I havent but hopefully tomorrow I plan on going my michaels who knows maybe I will find some deals but I dont ever hold my breath if it is meant to be it will happen. That is how God's plan works and I leave it up to him to do as he sees fit!

Hmmm what else gosh have you ever noticed how after it has rained for several days and the weather is starting to change how many ants there are in the yard--ugh! we put medicine on like ant hills today--poor kids they couldnt go play in the backyard because of this also my poor bongo I dont want him getting bitten.

oh yeah wanted to give a big shout out to my hubby today because he was doing our yard and noticed our new neighbors were working on theirs too but they didnt have a weed eater and the very much needed to have some edging done sooooo gil being awesome as he is he asked me should I go over and ask them if they want me to edge for them? I told him don't ask just go and do it for them I am sure they would appreciate it--so he did --wasn't that nice?? yep I know its a good thing.
Still hanging in there working out and trying to not stop hoping to get more days in this coming week my schedule at work was very weird it was like work 1 then off then work 2 then off then work 1--not a very fun schedule. Anyway thats it for now--Hope everyone is doing good.

Good night have sweet dreams and a blessed day! praise god and be thankful for all his blessings!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

down time

well work the last two days have sucked!! it was soooo busy and ugh anyway tomorrow i'm off so plan is to scrap scrap scrap--hehe if I can I am sure that it wont go that easy but we will see. Lets see whats been going on well not sore anymore and I did work thru it going to work out again tomorrow oh yeah I went to have my annual exam at work and yeah I lost weight from the last time I was there. also we are getting a treadmill so yeah more incentive to keep working out --gotta keep it up especially if we do decide to have another baby. Not sure if I mentioned it here or not but gil wants to have another baby I am still not 100% sure yes or no but I agreed to pray on it and discuss it after the new year. My thinking about the working out is well first of all I need to get healthier and second if we do decide to have another baby I need to lose some weight prior to because I am always diabetic during my pregnancies. Anyway we will see when time passess.

What else is going on--oh yeah so for anyone who doesnt know please go check out my friend txrnc's blog because she is published. go check her out. I am glad that I dropped out of so many challenges it is a relief to not worry about leaving love. I am really enjoying joining the football related threads--that is really alot of fun. I am having fun with the fantasy football league I am in with some scrappy friends. I have been doing really good about not shopping--I really need to use up all the stuff I already have. I honestly think scrappy stuff is like rabbits it just keeps multiplying?? how does that happen--hehe I guess all the good deals been getting lately. I am trying not to purchase too much but if it is a good deal well how can you pass it up--but to keep up with that I really need to use alot of it up.

well I think that is it for now-- I am sure I am forgetting alot of things I wanted to share on here but truth is I am sleep and tired so going to get off for now. Have a good night everyone!! Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ok well it has been like forever since I have been on here --hmm not sure why but I am back and going to try again--I know --to blog more often. Let's see whats been going on--well work has been busy lots and lots of prego's with the flu so that is keeping us on our toes. School is going good just have to light a fire under my butt to keep up with my assignments. The kids are doing good they are going to school and behaving. marina was having some trouble with school but getting better. Gaby is doing good in volleyball and getting better at it too. Ralphie ugh we need to get him a new vehicle but honestly I need to come into a little money to make that happen but all is good God has his plan and i give it up to him.

So let me tell you what is going on. I decided that I needed to start working out and with my faith I know I can do it. Soooooo I started working out yesterday and today and guess what I CANT EVEN WALK NOW!! I am sooooo sore but i know it is a good sore and that I am going to benefit in the long run. I know if I keep working out it is only going to help me be healthy and thats what is important especially for my kids. but right now I am hurting alot--gil just keeps laughing at me--dork . I made the whole house smell like icy hot because I had to rub down my thighs. wish me luck for tomorrow.--hehe

I have been scrapping but not a whole bunch like before. I realized that although I love joining all the challenges and it did keep me motivitated it started to feel like work because it was hard to keep up with all the comments. I am much happier now and back to enjoying doing my pages. thats what I was starting to miss about scrapping I didnt get to just enjoy doing them without all the pressure. I am a happy scrapper again. Anyway just wanted to let you all know I am still here and plan on coming back more often than before. I really do miss blogging for me it is therapy because it is a journal for me to say what I want --ok well gotta go and thanks to my buddy txrnc for the push!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

finally some breathing time!! yeah!!

well I thought since I was on here I would blog a little. things have still been crazy with school but hopefully it will get better in the next couple of weeks. The kids will be going back to school on aug 17 and then the only one home will be the baby so I should be able to get some scrappy time in. I only have til next week for summer school then a couple of weeks off before the fall semester starts so I am going to take advantage of the scrappy time. Things have been ok--wish it wasnt so hot here then the kids could go outside more and then it would be alittle quiet in the house. Like right now they are fighting over a plastic phone which btw they both have one the exact same one!! oh well this is why I usuallywait til around 3 am to be on the computer of course next week they start going to bed early for school so that should be helpful too. well I will be back later this week and post again. hope everyone is doing well take care god bless!

anniversarry giveaway!! by mellissa

Anniversary giveaway!! by melissa

gosh I know it has been forever since I have been on here I really need to make a pointof blogging more--it is so relaxing and rewarding. It is so easy to journal this way. Anyway I promise to myself to blog more often. Anyway wanted to let everyone know about a great blog give away you would not believe what she is giving away for her anniversary. A SLICE!! yep thats right so go and check her site out!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I know I haven't been on in a while but it just seems too hard these days. School is really kicking my butt and it takes all my time. I didnt even get to scrap as much as I love to. I did manage to complete all the challenges that I joined but literally til the last minute--meaning tonight. The summer classes that I am taking are so time consuming and it doesn't help that the girls don't leave me alone when I am on the computer. It is hard. Ok enough whining--we are probably all drunk with my whining--hehe! What else lets see well we had new carpet put into our living room ooohhh it is soooo nice. The kids love to lay on it-- in fact the day it was installed alyssa fell asleep on it of course gil was thinking of me and took pics and then told me he did it so I could scrap it--love him! Things are going well. We have been going to service when I am off from work and we have been doing some work to the house. Let's seee oh yeah we just had a few bdays in our chaotic familia--Josh turned 21, Ralph turned 19 and Alyssa turned 2. We got the girls new furniture so this weekend gil is going to work on getting their room set up. I went and bought Alyssa her own bedding and showed it to her, got a baby monitor , and have been taking her upstairs so she can get used to being up there. Gil and I decided that it is time for her to sleep in her room in her own bed. We have also been working on the pacifier but no luck yet.
What else--omg--it has been HOT! My poor plants and poor poor Bongo--we are having to put all ice in his bowl he loves it but poor baby! We are making sure to check his bowl at least twice a day. Ok well I think that is all that is going on for right now. Will talk to everyone soon and I am going to try to get on more often!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

REminder that Mosh Posh giveaways!!

hey everyone I am just reminding you to go check it out it is almost over so go on over and leave some comments so you can be entered to win a rak!!

oh yeah and don't forget to mention that i sent you!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

big lots deal!!

well today turned out to be very good--reading a thread on someone mentioned that big lots had gotten in some thickers for only $2 so today I decided to go and check it out--guess what I found them I didn't think there was any because I didn't see them where the scrappy stuff was but as I was leaving I saw them on the counter-the girl hadn't even put them out yet--so i took one of each. Then as I was heading home I thought maybe I should stop by the one closest to my house--guess what bingo again and this time they were different types--so boy did I score today. I debating whether or not to try to go to one more store and see if they have anything different. I might not though because truth is I am really happy with what I already got so if I don't go I will be ok. I then went to my dad's house today was his bday and me the dh and the girls wen to go spend some time with him it was very nice we ate and then had cake for him. my sis and her kids showed up it was very nice. We are going to go back over tomorrow and visit well gotta go a little tired gng to upload a lo tonight and then hit the sack. everyone have a blessed day tomorrow.

oh here is a pic of what I got today:

Monday, May 25, 2009

shopping & time alone

well today turned out to be very nice day. the dh and I got up early and went scrappy shopping. We had so much fun. The kids were all asleep so we thought it would be nice to get out and have alone time. We went to Michaels, scrapbook 911 and scrapbook cottage. I got a few things not too much I have to really make a dent in some of scrap stash. We then came home and hung out with the kids--it was a great day. I was on call for work but they didnt need me--yeah. we are however having issues with our air conditioner but the service people will be out tomorrow so hopefully that will all be fixed. Tomorrow is my scrappy day--yeah all by myself I do have to go print some pics I have 3 lo's done that just need pics!! ugh I meant to go today but I didnt have a chance. well I did have a chance but got to comfortable here at home. anyway I will take care of that tomorrow. Well I am going to share the card I did for estees challenge and a lo I did of dh with my bro and his wife. Hope everyone has a blessed night!

Mosh Posh incredible prize!!

Hey everybody go check out this wonderful prize that mosh posh is giving away it is so awesome--be sure to let them know that I sent you. so here it is so go and try to win the prize --yeah!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

late night

well it is another late night for me, originally I was scheduled to work tomorrow and then I was placed on call. I am happy but not too happy yet--because I could still called in. If I dont get called in the plan is to get up early and the dh and I are going for breakfast and then we are going to Michaels I got a coupon when we were there the other day for 20% of your entire purchase including sale items--so I convinced the dh that we should at least go look and see if there is any special deals that I just couldnt pass up. We had a really good night last night we had a very nice dinner at tgif and had a good time with family. We got home and went to bed because I had to work this morning. Dh went to church and he called me to tell me how touched he was at service today--it truly touched my heart to hear him talking about service and what it does for him. The kids had a great day too they got to play outside since the weather was nice after raining. and guess what I am doing right now (besides being on here) yup we are watcing twilight again--lol, I tell you we watch it everday sometimes more than once a day--I know you are laughing but its not me now its the girls --really it is!! well tomorrow if i dont go to work at all will be a scrappy day and night I have about 4 lo's I want to finish--3 of them just need pics and one of them i just have to glue it togetherI keep thinking something is missing on here but I will have to step away and look at it tomorrow for clarity. well I will be back tomorrow hope everyone has a blessed day!

free floral arrangment!!

hey everybody Dottie is having a giveaway on her blog at

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Friday, May 22, 2009

well today was a b**** of a day. I was in gyn and it was busy. I didn't even get to eat lunch til about 5pm--oh well that's the life. Otherwise it has been an uneventful day. I worked came home had a little dinner and then of course I had to check into my and blogger to see what everyone is doing. I am going to try to do estee's challenge on the card--but we will see it seems like fun--even if I don't win it is fun making something and trying to win--but I hope I do--anyway that's it for tonight!! peace out have a blessed night and wonderful morning will see you later tomorrow night!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New blog candy available!!

so there is new blog candy out there and the rak looks pretty sweet. So go over and visit--Louise-- and don't forget to mention that I sent you. So go check it out!!

lemonade award

ok so here it goes I am gonna try to send this to the people who I think deserve this: hope this works kim--you know I am a little duhrrduhrr!! Ok I am trying this again--let see if I can do it right. Just for the record I am pretty sure I am not but I allow myself mistakes and error because I am learning something new and hey everyday is a new experience and that's what makes life wonderful and exciting!! plus I have wonderful new friends who love me just as duhhrr durrh as I am--hehe!





Tuesday, May 19, 2009

well my good friend kim nominated me for the lemonade award but I dont' know how to link people so tomorrow after she explains to me how to do it then I will do it for everyone I want to nominate. I had such a wonderful day today with my dh. we had lunch at subway which we both love and I got to do some shopping. I got alot of the things that I had been wanting and eyeballing on I love it so much and we had such wonderful day with my dh. I am so glad things are going well between us. God is amazing on his plan. So today I got some making memories alphas, some crate pp, some creative imaginations pp, some recollections acrylic alphas, lets see some jenny bowlin bingo cards and some fancy pants journaling pages. Gosh it was so much fun and I can't seem to know where to begin first. I did several lo's and I will upload a few tomorrow. Plus I need to go to walmart tomorrow to get some bling for a lo that I did about my mom. anyway I will be uploading a little later tonight and then again tomorrow. Tomorrow my plan is to play with my cricut there are some things i want to cut out and I already bought the pp that i know I want to use so we will see. I am still getting used to my cricut and it is so cool. Well I will post againtomorrow hopefully I will be on a little earlier and not so late have a blessed night!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

yeah its a party!!!

So there is a blog party going on @ you need to go and check it out. I saw it on miracles momma blog and now I am passing it on to all of you. The rak looks very enticing so check it out.

ok so what else happened today well I worked and it was better than yesterday but still busy then when I got off from work--yeah I went by hobby lobby--got this pp I have really been wanting, I also got this journal pad I had my eye on also got some cute alpas that were on sale I did do one lo tonight but I want to add more bling before I load it--so be on the lookout tomorrow!! well for now sweet dreams!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So today was a hard day at work--our computer system was down from 11-630pm almost my whole shift--it was not fun at all! my hand even hurt alot from having to hand write all my orders, all my instructions, also my assessment....blah blah blah--heehee but I am home now and very happy. Dh just gave me a big kiss --yes it is good to be home. I do go back to work tomorrow morning but I am blessed to be able to do this wonderful thing so I will enjoy even my hand hurting. I don't get to scrap usually when I work but I did get to do an 8x8 for work. It turned out pretty good if I say so myself. I really like the colors. the blank space on the right of my pic is for journaling that a co worker is going to do. They did a scrapbook of all of us nurses so I did my own---hehe. I was here talking to my dh and "we" decided that I deserve a little shopping day this coming week. So hopefully if all works well maybe tuesday I plan on driving around to all the lss and seeing what kind of goodies I can find. I am actually on a mission I want some jenni bowlin pp that I saw on and some of those bingo cards they are soooo cute plus I love to play bingo--infact next to scrapping bingo is my next obsession--hehe. well I will let you know what I find. Here is the 8x8 i did. Hope eveyone has a blessed night and wakes up to a blesssed morning. Lord please watch over all my scrappy friends out there in this big world.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

well it is almost midnight but I wanted to get in a blog before bedtime. I didn't get to do much today because I was at work but it was a good day. Last night and tonight were wonderful eli has been here and we all missed hiim soooo much. Yesterday when I got home he came and gave me a big hug. The kids all had so much fun and were all playing around together. Eli and Gaby see each other all during the week at school but gosh do they miss each other when they don't see each other.--I love that. Tonight was nice gil and I sat and watched some tv while I was on as usual lol --gotta keep in contact with my girls--:) I did manage to go to walmart before work and pick up my new home accents cartridge for my cricut I was looking around and also got some bling bling for this lo I am going to do of my mom and her being silly as usual--love her. I also did a 8x8 for work and will upload it tomorrow hopefully. I left some space blank for journaling later. I am not doing the journaling one of the girls at work is. well its late and I do have to work tomorrow so I am signing off for now. Have a blessed night and will be back tomorrow.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

more blog candy yeah baby #links

well here is soome more blog candy again if I am doing this wrong I apologize and anyone who can tell me how to do this correctly I would greatly appreciate it I have been going in circles and this is the only way I can figuere out how to do it so anyway good luck to all!! #links

candy candy candy yeah for blog candy

so here is some blog candy I have not done this before so I hope I am doing it right but it sounds so exciting to get some blog cand how great is that !! loving it so here it goes. #links

Friday, May 8, 2009


Well we are sitting here in the waiting room outside the icu at baptist hospital. My father in law is doing better but still not out of the woods. I am doing ok because I have my computer to occupy my time. My dh is using his phone to play his pool game. Things are kinda somber but getting better my sil is sitting next to me reading what I am typing so just to give you a little about her when she is nervous she eats so today she had about a 100 tacos this morning--hahahaha I am laughing but she isn't right now--oh well. anyway there was a little bit of drama but my mil nipped that in the butt. Please keep our family in your prayers at this time. I did some lo's I am goingto post a few that I really really like and a card I did. TFL~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bummed :(

well I never made it to Michael's today. But my dh said we can go tomorrow. We ended up going to the grocery store and then we went to my in laws for my mil bday. It was a very nice get together. It was a very nice day for gilbert because he got to see eli and talk to him a bit. We are going tomorrow downtown to the courthouse to talk to some people and hopefully get things going. I did do some scrapping and I want to post a few lo that I did. I am not going to post them all. One I did of eli & gil it is very cute, on is of my mil on last halloween and the last one is of ralphie's graduation pic. I really like how these turned out. I am really doing good about going thru my stash and using it up. I have really been trying not to buy new items because I want to try to decrease what I have. I am also waiting for my new cartridge to come and because I know how i am I know that I will be using my cricut alot more. In fact tomorrow I am going to be playing with my cricut I want to make several flowers from my scraps so I will already have them cut out and ready to use when I want to. But since I am going to Michaels tomorrow if I find a deal well..... yep that's right I am gonna have to buy it--hehe but it's ok. Well gonna go gotta get some sleep. Nighty night.

Monday, May 4, 2009

yeah it let me upload it. anyway this is marina when she was smaller out in front yard. I love this pic of her--she is such a beautiful child. If possible tomorrow I will post the mother's day cards that I made today. til tomorrow.
well it is about 1130 and I am trying to upload my latest lo but no such luck not sure why the computer is taking so long it is only letting me upload 1-2 lo's at a time. Today was a fun day, gil and I spend the day together with the girls. We went and had lunch and then we went to target. I got a few items in the dollar bin area and actually did a lo with all of those items to meet a challenge on that is a lo for only dollar store items. I think it came out rather well. I really liked the colors I bought some extra pp and stickers that I am hoping to use for another lo. I also got a border punch--it is actually one that I had been wanting. Ooops I almost forgot I got a new cricut cartridge that I ordered online. I am going to go to Michales tomorrow and the dollar store. It is my mil bday and we are going over there for dinner. I am going to try to find a gift for her--marina already made her a magnet it was a little craft set that we bought her today, there were four magnets in the kit so 1-for granny and 1-for my mil. I am sure they will love it because Marina did it. Anyway let's see what else happened. Oh yeah gil shaved his gotee---YEAH I love him without it he looks so sexy--with thhat bald head of his and all--hehehe. I think that is it for now I am going to keep trying to post tonight if the computer let's me then I will post my dollar store lo--hope everyone has a great day will back ontomorrow--good night!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

today or rather tonight!!

well it is about 1:27 at night and I am finally able to blog for awhile. Today was a pleasant day I did have to work but it wasn't too bad. We made lunch at work today and Jayce made his tator tot casserol omg it is soooo good but soooo bad for me--ah it's ok though Gilbert loves me just the way I am. I got some scrapping done when I got home gil watched the girls and cooked dinner so I had some time to myself. I got 5 mother's day cards done and 3 lo's. I am so excited tomorrow Kim and I are going virtual scrap together. I was having a bad day for awhile over some things I know I no control over but with the help of my friends and gil I am going to be ok. Plus Gil encouraged me to buy a new cartridge for my cricut--and hey shopping always helps me to feel better especially since I didn't have any chocolate around--hehehe. While I was scrapping me are looked dark and ralphie said," mom do you want my lamp from my room so you can see better?" how lucky am I my boy is thinking about his mom--gosh did that lamp make a difference didn't realize how dark it really was til he brought it over. That was a real eye opener if you know what I mean--well it is getting late and gil wants me to go lay down with him and snuggle--he is a big snuggler! so everyone have a good rest of the night sweet dreams and god bless you--will be back tomorrow and hopefully a chance to post some lo's --yeah! nighty night!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wow I had so much fun today even though I was at work. It was fun to do that layout at work and use only what was around me--I appreciate everyone's comments. I am working on a lo that I will hopefully post tomorrow if not the next day. I haven't been on here much but I am making myself a challenge to be sure to post here more often. I really miss this place. Anyway I have really been trying to work outside my box and try different techniques. Right now I am into distressing gosh I love it it is so much fun--and it looks so cool. I have been messing around with distressing inks but still need to work on it a bit but I will continue that I really like it. Also I finally got my cricut and my xyrons for my cricut. I have been trying to use up alot of my supplies before I really use my cricut because I find that I keep using it and then just end up with more stuff--not that that's a bad thing cuz it isn't. Also things have been going great with me and gil we are really happy right now. The kids are doing good too. Gaby is getting ready to go see her dad and alyssa and marina are getting big. I will post my newest layouts soon. Well gotta go will be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful what's left of NSBD!! yeah !!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Well it has been awhile since I have been onhere but I am going to make it a point to come on here a little more often . i miss posting on here. This is my therapy it is like a private journal of some sort--. I work againtomorrow and it will be my third 12hr shift in a row. Most of the time it is not so bad but we have been busy. The kids have been good--alyssa is really starting to show her little attitude. Marina just had her 5th birthday party it was a transformer theme everybody was laughing. I will post some pics soon--my camera broke and well gotta figuere out what I am gonna do. Well I will be back in a day or so and update everyone and post some of my fav lo's that I have done recently. Hope everyone has a blessed sunday. Praise God!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well it is spring break for me--so far it has not been a real break. I found out my washing machine has a leak in the door and water got all over the floor. Today I have been home all day waiting for the repair guy to come. I wanted to sit and get in alittle scrapping but my girls had other ideas. So far we have been here watching gigi god's little princess movie--very nice for my girls but I can't seem to get into the movie itself. I am a little distracted. I need to get some laundry done but I cant need to do some scrappin but i cant need to eat some chocolate cant but i shouldnt (hehehe) well let me try to get something done today--hope everyone has a blessed day.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hello all I had a great day. I got to do some scrap shopping!! YEAH! I got some paper and a kit and some stickers and some alpha chipboard and some glitter. I had so much fun. I had the girls with me all day. We met gil for lunch and that was really nice. We are doing good. Gil and eli just left a few minutes ago and we had a little time to talk a bit. I also got a chance to do a little scrapping. The only thing missing for me is a scrap room but since I don't get to do it all the time I am ok with just moving my stuff to the living room when I do want to do a page. Gil wants to make me something and who knows maybe at some point we will be able to do something about it. The girls miss him so much I don't think it will be too much longer before he will be home for good. I have to work tomorrow and I am a little excited because I want to find out if I have an interview next week with Linda for the Nurse Family Partnership position. I really want that new position and I am excited about all the posibilities with that position. Well hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Here are my latest layouts. One is of myself it didnt turn out the way I thought I had planned on putting more about myself and then when I was done I thought hey that is me it may not say all about me but there is always time for another layout :0 I did a layout of alyssa and she is always making this funny face I just happened to capture it that day--good for my layout. I also did a layout of gaby because she is always and I mean always taking pictures of herself--she is beautiful and I love to see her face. I also did one of Marina and I love to do layouts of her because she is so photogenic and pretty. Anyway take care will be back soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well it is another night here at home with my girls. Gil and eli just left we had a wonderful dinner together. Ralph is at school and Josh went to clean his apartment. Josh is going to go home this weekend now that his show is over and his mom will be going back to Korea on friday. It will be quiet without him here--well not really quiet but a little quieter than normal. I know I am going to miss him being here. I am going to try to do a layout or two in a bit when alyssa falls asleep. Poor baby she has not been feeling well. She has a double ear infection and a cough that won't go away. I have tried about 5 different cough medicines and nothing NOTHING is working. Tonight I am going to try some benadryl to see if the post nasal drip stops and she has a chance to sleep or I should say I get a chance to sleep. For the last two nights it has been crazy I have slept maybe an hour or two for the past two nights. I went to scrap heaven and I really liked it. I like it alot more than scrapbook 911. Scrap heaven has alot more choices. I bought this really pretty paper (hhmmm can't remember right now the name) anyway I am going to use it to do a layout of myself. I had been wanting to do a layout of myself but was a little scared I am not the most photogenic and I often don't like the pictures of myself, but I thought you know what I have this pretty paper and I really think it would go good with this one particular picture of myself so guess what I am gonna just do it!!! Yeah. Well gotta go the girls are demanding my attention--as usual :) Hope everyone has a blessed week. Peace out.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Well I finally got my computers working again, that was aweful I was going thru withdrawals--still have a few problems to work on but I will get there. The kids are doing great. Josh had his show and it was awesome!!!! he did so great I am so proud of him. His mom is in town for his show and it was good to visit with her too. We have been having such a fun time and once his show was in process it just topped the time off. Gil and I are doing great we have been spending alot of time together--that makes me very happy as well as everyone else around us. We have been talking alot and thats good for our relationship. School is school I have a few assignments I need to get completed and I am going to try to finish some of those up this week--try to get a little ahead so maybe I can do a few layouts. I bought some new things at Joann Fabrics and Michaels that I haven't had a chance to use yet. I have some new pictures too of Josh and his show that I want to try to get to work on. At lease one picture--:) I have also been going thru my pictures and trying to find some that I think will be good for a layout but they are all buried right now. They are memories of when the kids were small but things that always bring a smile to face. I LOVE MY KIDS SOOOSOO MUCH! well hope everyone has a great week. Will be back soon God Bless

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oops I forgot to post my newest layouts (ha ha ha) Here they are: