Sunday, May 17, 2009

So today was a hard day at work--our computer system was down from 11-630pm almost my whole shift--it was not fun at all! my hand even hurt alot from having to hand write all my orders, all my instructions, also my assessment....blah blah blah--heehee but I am home now and very happy. Dh just gave me a big kiss --yes it is good to be home. I do go back to work tomorrow morning but I am blessed to be able to do this wonderful thing so I will enjoy even my hand hurting. I don't get to scrap usually when I work but I did get to do an 8x8 for work. It turned out pretty good if I say so myself. I really like the colors. the blank space on the right of my pic is for journaling that a co worker is going to do. They did a scrapbook of all of us nurses so I did my own---hehe. I was here talking to my dh and "we" decided that I deserve a little shopping day this coming week. So hopefully if all works well maybe tuesday I plan on driving around to all the lss and seeing what kind of goodies I can find. I am actually on a mission I want some jenni bowlin pp that I saw on and some of those bingo cards they are soooo cute plus I love to play bingo--infact next to scrapping bingo is my next obsession--hehe. well I will let you know what I find. Here is the 8x8 i did. Hope eveyone has a blessed night and wakes up to a blesssed morning. Lord please watch over all my scrappy friends out there in this big world.


  1. Hey there, Welcome to my world of nursing! lol! I left nursing in 1995 to be a sahm. So I do know about hand writing everything. OOOoooo I love Jenni Bowlin stuff too. Love your pages and all your cute children. Thanks for stopping by my blog. God Bless You and Have a Great Day! Dawn

  2. Love this layout! What a great photo of you too.