Monday, May 25, 2009

shopping & time alone

well today turned out to be very nice day. the dh and I got up early and went scrappy shopping. We had so much fun. The kids were all asleep so we thought it would be nice to get out and have alone time. We went to Michaels, scrapbook 911 and scrapbook cottage. I got a few things not too much I have to really make a dent in some of scrap stash. We then came home and hung out with the kids--it was a great day. I was on call for work but they didnt need me--yeah. we are however having issues with our air conditioner but the service people will be out tomorrow so hopefully that will all be fixed. Tomorrow is my scrappy day--yeah all by myself I do have to go print some pics I have 3 lo's done that just need pics!! ugh I meant to go today but I didnt have a chance. well I did have a chance but got to comfortable here at home. anyway I will take care of that tomorrow. Well I am going to share the card I did for estees challenge and a lo I did of dh with my bro and his wife. Hope everyone has a blessed night!


  1. Your layout and card are adorable. Scrappy shopping makes any day great! LOL

  2. the card is cute and I sure do love the amigos page