Saturday, May 16, 2009

well it is almost midnight but I wanted to get in a blog before bedtime. I didn't get to do much today because I was at work but it was a good day. Last night and tonight were wonderful eli has been here and we all missed hiim soooo much. Yesterday when I got home he came and gave me a big hug. The kids all had so much fun and were all playing around together. Eli and Gaby see each other all during the week at school but gosh do they miss each other when they don't see each other.--I love that. Tonight was nice gil and I sat and watched some tv while I was on as usual lol --gotta keep in contact with my girls--:) I did manage to go to walmart before work and pick up my new home accents cartridge for my cricut I was looking around and also got some bling bling for this lo I am going to do of my mom and her being silly as usual--love her. I also did a 8x8 for work and will upload it tomorrow hopefully. I left some space blank for journaling later. I am not doing the journaling one of the girls at work is. well its late and I do have to work tomorrow so I am signing off for now. Have a blessed night and will be back tomorrow.

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  1. Hey there! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I'm glad you found the Home Accents cart. I rented it from my LSS and I like it, so I may end up buying it!