Friday, May 8, 2009


Well we are sitting here in the waiting room outside the icu at baptist hospital. My father in law is doing better but still not out of the woods. I am doing ok because I have my computer to occupy my time. My dh is using his phone to play his pool game. Things are kinda somber but getting better my sil is sitting next to me reading what I am typing so just to give you a little about her when she is nervous she eats so today she had about a 100 tacos this morning--hahahaha I am laughing but she isn't right now--oh well. anyway there was a little bit of drama but my mil nipped that in the butt. Please keep our family in your prayers at this time. I did some lo's I am goingto post a few that I really really like and a card I did. TFL~

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  1. Oh what gorgeous layouts! I love how you use flowers - you can never have enough I say! And what a little cutie!! Thanks for sharing - found your blog while blog hopping. Have a fantastic mother's day!
    {Sarah} from Australia