Tuesday, May 26, 2009

big lots deal!!

well today turned out to be very good--reading a thread on sb.com someone mentioned that big lots had gotten in some thickers for only $2 so today I decided to go and check it out--guess what I found them I didn't think there was any because I didn't see them where the scrappy stuff was but as I was leaving I saw them on the counter-the girl hadn't even put them out yet--so i took one of each. Then as I was heading home I thought maybe I should stop by the one closest to my house--guess what bingo again and this time they were different types--so boy did I score today. I debating whether or not to try to go to one more store and see if they have anything different. I might not though because truth is I am really happy with what I already got so if I don't go I will be ok. I then went to my dad's house today was his bday and me the dh and the girls wen to go spend some time with him it was very nice we ate and then had cake for him. my sis and her kids showed up it was very nice. We are going to go back over tomorrow and visit well gotta go a little tired gng to upload a lo tonight and then hit the sack. everyone have a blessed day tomorrow.

oh here is a pic of what I got today:


  1. Ooh I'm so jealous of all of your fabulous Thickers! LOL Great deal girl!

  2. I got some of those too!! I even use some on a layout I posted on my blog today. I have to get back there and pick more up.

  3. ewwww love the big lots I got some of the coolest papers including princess papers!!! Thanks for sharing I better get back to my Big Lots