Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wow I had so much fun today even though I was at work. It was fun to do that layout at work and use only what was around me--I appreciate everyone's comments. I am working on a lo that I will hopefully post tomorrow if not the next day. I haven't been on here much but I am making myself a challenge to be sure to post here more often. I really miss this place. Anyway I have really been trying to work outside my box and try different techniques. Right now I am into distressing gosh I love it it is so much fun--and it looks so cool. I have been messing around with distressing inks but still need to work on it a bit but I will continue that I really like it. Also I finally got my cricut and my xyrons for my cricut. I have been trying to use up alot of my supplies before I really use my cricut because I find that I keep using it and then just end up with more stuff--not that that's a bad thing cuz it isn't. Also things have been going great with me and gil we are really happy right now. The kids are doing good too. Gaby is getting ready to go see her dad and alyssa and marina are getting big. I will post my newest layouts soon. Well gotta go will be back tomorrow. Have a wonderful what's left of NSBD!! yeah !!

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  1. You did a LO at work lol way to go, I'll have to go look in your gallery :)