Sunday, May 24, 2009

late night

well it is another late night for me, originally I was scheduled to work tomorrow and then I was placed on call. I am happy but not too happy yet--because I could still called in. If I dont get called in the plan is to get up early and the dh and I are going for breakfast and then we are going to Michaels I got a coupon when we were there the other day for 20% of your entire purchase including sale items--so I convinced the dh that we should at least go look and see if there is any special deals that I just couldnt pass up. We had a really good night last night we had a very nice dinner at tgif and had a good time with family. We got home and went to bed because I had to work this morning. Dh went to church and he called me to tell me how touched he was at service today--it truly touched my heart to hear him talking about service and what it does for him. The kids had a great day too they got to play outside since the weather was nice after raining. and guess what I am doing right now (besides being on here) yup we are watcing twilight again--lol, I tell you we watch it everday sometimes more than once a day--I know you are laughing but its not me now its the girls --really it is!! well tomorrow if i dont go to work at all will be a scrappy day and night I have about 4 lo's I want to finish--3 of them just need pics and one of them i just have to glue it togetherI keep thinking something is missing on here but I will have to step away and look at it tomorrow for clarity. well I will be back tomorrow hope everyone has a blessed day!

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