Sunday, May 3, 2009

today or rather tonight!!

well it is about 1:27 at night and I am finally able to blog for awhile. Today was a pleasant day I did have to work but it wasn't too bad. We made lunch at work today and Jayce made his tator tot casserol omg it is soooo good but soooo bad for me--ah it's ok though Gilbert loves me just the way I am. I got some scrapping done when I got home gil watched the girls and cooked dinner so I had some time to myself. I got 5 mother's day cards done and 3 lo's. I am so excited tomorrow Kim and I are going virtual scrap together. I was having a bad day for awhile over some things I know I no control over but with the help of my friends and gil I am going to be ok. Plus Gil encouraged me to buy a new cartridge for my cricut--and hey shopping always helps me to feel better especially since I didn't have any chocolate around--hehehe. While I was scrapping me are looked dark and ralphie said," mom do you want my lamp from my room so you can see better?" how lucky am I my boy is thinking about his mom--gosh did that lamp make a difference didn't realize how dark it really was til he brought it over. That was a real eye opener if you know what I mean--well it is getting late and gil wants me to go lay down with him and snuggle--he is a big snuggler! so everyone have a good rest of the night sweet dreams and god bless you--will be back tomorrow and hopefully a chance to post some lo's --yeah! nighty night!

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