Tuesday, May 5, 2009

bummed :(

well I never made it to Michael's today. But my dh said we can go tomorrow. We ended up going to the grocery store and then we went to my in laws for my mil bday. It was a very nice get together. It was a very nice day for gilbert because he got to see eli and talk to him a bit. We are going tomorrow downtown to the courthouse to talk to some people and hopefully get things going. I did do some scrapping and I want to post a few lo that I did. I am not going to post them all. One I did of eli & gil it is very cute, on is of my mil on last halloween and the last one is of ralphie's graduation pic. I really like how these turned out. I am really doing good about going thru my stash and using it up. I have really been trying not to buy new items because I want to try to decrease what I have. I am also waiting for my new cartridge to come and because I know how i am I know that I will be using my cricut alot more. In fact tomorrow I am going to be playing with my cricut I want to make several flowers from my scraps so I will already have them cut out and ready to use when I want to. But since I am going to Michaels tomorrow if I find a deal well..... yep that's right I am gonna have to buy it--hehe but it's ok. Well gonna go gotta get some sleep. Nighty night.

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