Monday, May 4, 2009

well it is about 1130 and I am trying to upload my latest lo but no such luck not sure why the computer is taking so long it is only letting me upload 1-2 lo's at a time. Today was a fun day, gil and I spend the day together with the girls. We went and had lunch and then we went to target. I got a few items in the dollar bin area and actually did a lo with all of those items to meet a challenge on that is a lo for only dollar store items. I think it came out rather well. I really liked the colors I bought some extra pp and stickers that I am hoping to use for another lo. I also got a border punch--it is actually one that I had been wanting. Ooops I almost forgot I got a new cricut cartridge that I ordered online. I am going to go to Michales tomorrow and the dollar store. It is my mil bday and we are going over there for dinner. I am going to try to find a gift for her--marina already made her a magnet it was a little craft set that we bought her today, there were four magnets in the kit so 1-for granny and 1-for my mil. I am sure they will love it because Marina did it. Anyway let's see what else happened. Oh yeah gil shaved his gotee---YEAH I love him without it he looks so sexy--with thhat bald head of his and all--hehehe. I think that is it for now I am going to keep trying to post tonight if the computer let's me then I will post my dollar store lo--hope everyone has a great day will back ontomorrow--good night!!

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