Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ok well it has been like forever since I have been on here --hmm not sure why but I am back and going to try again--I know --to blog more often. Let's see whats been going on--well work has been busy lots and lots of prego's with the flu so that is keeping us on our toes. School is going good just have to light a fire under my butt to keep up with my assignments. The kids are doing good they are going to school and behaving. marina was having some trouble with school but getting better. Gaby is doing good in volleyball and getting better at it too. Ralphie ugh we need to get him a new vehicle but honestly I need to come into a little money to make that happen but all is good God has his plan and i give it up to him.

So let me tell you what is going on. I decided that I needed to start working out and with my faith I know I can do it. Soooooo I started working out yesterday and today and guess what I CANT EVEN WALK NOW!! I am sooooo sore but i know it is a good sore and that I am going to benefit in the long run. I know if I keep working out it is only going to help me be healthy and thats what is important especially for my kids. but right now I am hurting alot--gil just keeps laughing at me--dork . I made the whole house smell like icy hot because I had to rub down my thighs. wish me luck for tomorrow.--hehe

I have been scrapping but not a whole bunch like before. I realized that although I love joining all the challenges and it did keep me motivitated it started to feel like work because it was hard to keep up with all the comments. I am much happier now and back to enjoying doing my pages. thats what I was starting to miss about scrapping I didnt get to just enjoy doing them without all the pressure. I am a happy scrapper again. Anyway just wanted to let you all know I am still here and plan on coming back more often than before. I really do miss blogging for me it is therapy because it is a journal for me to say what I want --ok well gotta go and thanks to my buddy txrnc for the push!


  1. Man I hate those first few days when you start exercising. I need to, but I don't want to!!! I hate it with a never ending passion, always have, always will.

    I thought I had a color picked out for my kitchen, but then Scott decided it was too much green...MEN!!! So, we're going to Home Depot this weekend to see if we can agree on a color. Please pray.

  2. Finally! A blog entry!! Glad to hear you're fighting through your soreness. Just remember that it will keep the blood circulating in your muscles and push out all of the lactic acid! Take it from a pro! Ha ha ha ha!

    I agree with you about the scrappy pressure. Just think of it this way, scrapping should be an outlet for stress, not another stressor.

    Nice blog entry...I'll be putting one in tomorrow so come visit! =)

  3. It's really great to see you back. I'm sorry that you've been so busy! I hope that things calm down for you soon. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully with the exercising. I think green is a great kitchen color!