Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok so here are a few pics of my halloween decorations. I know it doesnt look scary during the day although the birds do still freak us out when we first walk out--I forget we put them out there--haha. I still have alot of decorations to put up but some i cant do til that day--like the black light, strobe light and the fogger. It will look scary that night and I will be sure to take some pics then.
Well I finally took my buddies advice (txrnc) to try picasa when I upload my scrap pages---ok ok it does make a world of difference when you go to upload them--finally the color is going to look like it does irl. I had been putting this off but now I see the error of my ways. I am not promising that I will do it ALL the time but I know when I can I will use it.
Today I did really good and got up and did my workout which btw after not working out for like 3 days kicked my butt. My legs are a little sore but nothing like before. I am going to give myself another week of 2 miles and then try to bump it up to 3--we will see I am not pushing myself to fast because I want to stick with it and I know myself if I think I am defeated then I wont continue but I am stoked because I am going on 3 weeks of consecutive working out!!! Just gotta keep it up now.
I have a really good schedule this week I only work on thru and fri--they are 12's but it shouldn't be too bad.
What else oh yeah I got some really cute pics of alyssa today but I need to get them printed out and also I am going to take the kids this weekend to the pumpkin patch--we do this every year it is funny looking back at those old pics--Gosh they grow up sooo fast. I was just thinking about when ralphie was a baby wow he is 19 now!! time flies.
Well I think thats it --oh yeah someone I won't say names reminded me that I needed to keep my blog up and yet she is slacking!!!! tsk tsk!!


  1. Finally! You're going to be a Picasa Master! 'Bout time you changed your ways!! And with your little nudge, I did update my blog this morning...not sure if you happened to be talking about muwah?! Heh heh...

    Love the decorations! You're really into this Halloweenie stuff, aren't you?! Looks terrific!

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