Wednesday, October 14, 2009

down time

well work the last two days have sucked!! it was soooo busy and ugh anyway tomorrow i'm off so plan is to scrap scrap scrap--hehe if I can I am sure that it wont go that easy but we will see. Lets see whats been going on well not sore anymore and I did work thru it going to work out again tomorrow oh yeah I went to have my annual exam at work and yeah I lost weight from the last time I was there. also we are getting a treadmill so yeah more incentive to keep working out --gotta keep it up especially if we do decide to have another baby. Not sure if I mentioned it here or not but gil wants to have another baby I am still not 100% sure yes or no but I agreed to pray on it and discuss it after the new year. My thinking about the working out is well first of all I need to get healthier and second if we do decide to have another baby I need to lose some weight prior to because I am always diabetic during my pregnancies. Anyway we will see when time passess.

What else is going on--oh yeah so for anyone who doesnt know please go check out my friend txrnc's blog because she is published. go check her out. I am glad that I dropped out of so many challenges it is a relief to not worry about leaving love. I am really enjoying joining the football related threads--that is really alot of fun. I am having fun with the fantasy football league I am in with some scrappy friends. I have been doing really good about not shopping--I really need to use up all the stuff I already have. I honestly think scrappy stuff is like rabbits it just keeps multiplying?? how does that happen--hehe I guess all the good deals been getting lately. I am trying not to purchase too much but if it is a good deal well how can you pass it up--but to keep up with that I really need to use alot of it up.

well I think that is it for now-- I am sure I am forgetting alot of things I wanted to share on here but truth is I am sleep and tired so going to get off for now. Have a good night everyone!! Sweet dreams!

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  1. You're too sweet...thanks for the shout out! Glad you are still working out. It's hurts so bad, but it's good for you, right?! Right.

    I agree, you are doing good not multiplying (scrap stuff, that is!). Me, not so good, as you know. But it's OK, we will both benefit anyway.