Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yeah my fav time of year is here--I know alot of people dont like halloween but I DO!! I got my decorations out and started putting them out, of course gil and ralphie had to help me because honestly I think if I went on the roof I would fall--hehe anyway so far about 70% of my stuff is up and my idea about the birds is looking pretty good. Once everything is up i will take some pics and share them here. I also have been doing the decorations in the house too---cant wait for you to see my body in spider web----ooooooh scaaarrryyy--haha love it. I havent had a chance to scrap lately just been reorganizing my little scrappy area. I bought a new little plastic drawer holder thing at walmart so I had to move things around a bit. I have accumulated sooooo much stuff lately but I have been doing good and not buying anything especially since veronica told me not to go to big lots because she is getting me goodies for my birthday---so I havent but hopefully tomorrow I plan on going my michaels who knows maybe I will find some deals but I dont ever hold my breath if it is meant to be it will happen. That is how God's plan works and I leave it up to him to do as he sees fit!

Hmmm what else gosh have you ever noticed how after it has rained for several days and the weather is starting to change how many ants there are in the yard--ugh! we put medicine on like ant hills today--poor kids they couldnt go play in the backyard because of this also my poor bongo I dont want him getting bitten.

oh yeah wanted to give a big shout out to my hubby today because he was doing our yard and noticed our new neighbors were working on theirs too but they didnt have a weed eater and the very much needed to have some edging done sooooo gil being awesome as he is he asked me should I go over and ask them if they want me to edge for them? I told him don't ask just go and do it for them I am sure they would appreciate it--so he did --wasn't that nice?? yep I know its a good thing.
Still hanging in there working out and trying to not stop hoping to get more days in this coming week my schedule at work was very weird it was like work 1 then off then work 2 then off then work 1--not a very fun schedule. Anyway thats it for now--Hope everyone is doing good.

Good night have sweet dreams and a blessed day! praise god and be thankful for all his blessings!

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  1. Wow, I am impressed! 2 blogs in one week! What is going on here?! Love it! Glad I got through to you about BL. You are doing really well this month with working out, limited shopping and your awesome Halloween decor. The spideys at work look awesome! Can't wait to see pics of your casa!