Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well it is another night here at home with my girls. Gil and eli just left we had a wonderful dinner together. Ralph is at school and Josh went to clean his apartment. Josh is going to go home this weekend now that his show is over and his mom will be going back to Korea on friday. It will be quiet without him here--well not really quiet but a little quieter than normal. I know I am going to miss him being here. I am going to try to do a layout or two in a bit when alyssa falls asleep. Poor baby she has not been feeling well. She has a double ear infection and a cough that won't go away. I have tried about 5 different cough medicines and nothing NOTHING is working. Tonight I am going to try some benadryl to see if the post nasal drip stops and she has a chance to sleep or I should say I get a chance to sleep. For the last two nights it has been crazy I have slept maybe an hour or two for the past two nights. I went to scrap heaven and I really liked it. I like it alot more than scrapbook 911. Scrap heaven has alot more choices. I bought this really pretty paper (hhmmm can't remember right now the name) anyway I am going to use it to do a layout of myself. I had been wanting to do a layout of myself but was a little scared I am not the most photogenic and I often don't like the pictures of myself, but I thought you know what I have this pretty paper and I really think it would go good with this one particular picture of myself so guess what I am gonna just do it!!! Yeah. Well gotta go the girls are demanding my attention--as usual :) Hope everyone has a blessed week. Peace out.

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