Thursday, December 3, 2009


Ok so I havent kept up like I said I was going to but I haven't---but I have some honest reasons--really!! hehe! ok not but I gave it a try. Let's see well the semester is almost over--yeah and then guess what I have only a year left of school. I havent really scrapped lately but I will next week because I wont have any school. I mean I do on Monday but thats it at least until middle of january. tonight we got up some of the outside lights finally and then this weekend dh and the boys are going to finish putting the rest up. Wow can you believe it another year gone by--crazy. Its been sooooo cold--I dont like the cold ---my ankle hurts soo much when its like this. Also my poor fur baby who is outside is freezing--dont worry we brought bongo into the garage and I got him his blankets an covered him up---I took some pics I am hoping to scrap them later. What else oh yeah we got a new baby--tinkerbell or tink as we are calling her for short. She is such a cutie I promise next week to post some pics. I also want to post some pics from our cowboys game --boy was that some fun!! Gil and i had a blast--let me tell you--ok no I wont because it would be tmi--hahaha! but it was awesome! I got to be with my dh watching my boys playing it doesnt get any better than that! OH YEAH LET ME SEND A SHOUTOUT TO MY GIRL--VERONICA TXRNC!! she is on a roll so if any of you havent gone to check out her blog you need to do so!! she is doing great and she is on a dt now and pushing out the pages and they are AMAZING!! lets see what else is going on??? the kids are getting too big--gil and I are still trying to decide on another baby--but I gave him a deadline he has to make up his mind by this weekend! sooooo baby news coming to you soon ooooorrrrr NOT! hehe!

omg went to see new moon--awesome and drooling! lets see I saw it twice yes thats right twice in the same day plus I wore my new edward shirt--awwww! boy are those boys hawt!! yep I said it and I will say it out loud too! haha. First showing I went to see it with my older son and he was laughing at me telling me mom stop it I told him hey if you didnt want to hear this then you shouldnt have come with me. What else oh yeah I went and ordered my water bottles and this weekend I am ordering my new tshirt plus goign to get my new bracelet!! oh yeah before I forget I am turning 40 at the end of the month and yes I am a twilight freak although if you want to be technical I am a freak anyway=----shhhh dont tell anyone! hahaha!!! for those who know you know this already but hey I thought gonna be 40 might as well just let it all out!! well thats it for today until later this weekend or early next week then gonna post some pics!! so hollar! have a great weekend! life is good and god is great!


  1. You are SO crazy! Good to hear you're almost done with this semester. I expect you to start cranking out the LOs and cards & meet your 3G goal this month! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. You won the Loverly paper pack on my blog! Please email me with your address!