Monday, November 2, 2009


So here are the pics of the girls as snow white--they were so beautiful!! and the pics of the house. Some of them came out really good and the others not so good--I forgot to take the pics while it was still light out but let me tell you it came out great. We are also going to do this next year but better!! We have already discussed what we need to get and I am already looking to get things early for next year!! we had so much fun the family came by and all the kids were taken to the park for some trick or treating and gil and myself stayed behind along with my dad to get things going at our house. We tried not to make it too scary especially when we knew little ones were coming thru but I like the effect we got--we had the fog machine going and the strobe lights too! well just wanted to share here I also posted the pics of some of the goodies we made the night before !! this was a fun halloween for me can't wait for next year!

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