Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well its that time again--school time. I know everyone is happy about this and especially for moms who need their space bbbbbuuuuuttttt for me it's the opposite that means I have to go back to school--ugh ugh!! yep I am just like the kids right now dreading having to go back to school back to doing homework back to staying up late and doing research and finding out what I need to finish a project. I am soooo ready to be done with school. I know I almost near the end and once I get there it is going to be so worth it--not just financially but for personal goals that I have set for myself a loooonnnnggg time ago. It has been a rough road and I have perservered and I know I will continue to do so but gosh I want to be able to scrap more and do more of my other hobbies--hehe! ok ok so that shouldnt be the reason to get thru school but hey its motivation--:) now if I could figuere out a way to lose weight while I scrap boy that would be just heaven--hehe!! so now that the holidays are over I need to really get on the ball about working out again--I had started and then just stopped but I do have alittle motivation and that is a cruise--yep dh and I are goingon a cruise again gosh cant wait boy do we need it let me tell you--plus we are also planning a trip to either aruba or hawaii--having trouble deciding which place to go but gonna have to decide in the next month so I can start booking our stuff now. With all our kids vacations take a little planning ahead to make sure we have someone to watch them im thinking in the summer because then I only have to worry about the little ones--the 2 oldest well they are on their own pretty much and the 2 middle ones gabs will go with her dad and im sure eli will go with his mom until we come back so that just leaves the little ones. so anyway im stoked about that the vacation that is--some sun some fruity drinks and some snorkeling that would be awesome!! wow the year just started and now it seems like its already passing --how is that I wonder?? well good luck to everyone and whatever goals you have set for yourself I am taking mine one day at a time and praying ALOT along the way--hahehehe! God will get me thru this he always does.

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