Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day----wtf??

I know it's supposed to be the day of "love" but you know I prefer the little things that happen randomly here and there. Things like when I am sitting here at my laptop scrapping at night and all of a sudden gil comes in the room and says here babe--and its a bowl of frosted flakes (my fav!!) now how did he know I needed a little something sweet?--hehe! ooooorrrr--he know I like to play the lotto or some scratch offs always hoping to win BIG--well we can be out running around doing errands and stop to get a soda and he will come back with one or the other for me--and the best thing ever is when its cold (for me that is always) he will loving just pull over and buy me a hot chocolate---see for me that's valentines day---every day. don't get me wrong if he wants to celebrate valentines day on valentines day --you know I am not going to say no but its not necessary because its all the little things that make it seem like valentines day throughout the year!! Hope everyone has a wonderful day full of love no matter how you celebrate!!

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  1. I totally agree!! Sometimes V-day is just going through the, candy, dinner, etc. But you're right, it's the little things throughout the year that count for more! You go, Gil! =)