Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Where did 2010 go? Not sure but looking forward to what's ahead. So where have I been--well let's see...I finished school yep it's done I got my Master's Degree! and let me tell you am I glad it's over...but it is also the beginning--you see I will be returning to school later in the year--God has more plans for me and I will continue to follow his plan. What else--well the kids are all doing great. Ralph has a girlfriend and we adore her--keeping fingers crossed that they continue down a wonderful path together that includes God. Josh is in Chicago--yep that's right in Chicago and doing amazing work there he is going to art school and making a name for himself--we miss him so much but it is for his future so we keep in touch via phone and computer. He is here right for break and it has been really good to see him and know he is doing good. His mom is not far from him so that is a blessing and she also keeps us updated on whats going on. Let's see Gabs and Eli are now in the 7th grade wow---it is almost time for high school--they both have started looking at the opposite sex--what can I say we have good looking kids it was expected! hehe! Not only are they good looking but they are smart too! I have high expectations for those two! And for the little ones--not so little anymore--Marina is excelling in school and making leaps and bounds with reading. Alyssa well we still need to work with her but she is only 3 so I am not pushing her too much yet--but this summer will be a different story. Gil and I are doing awesome we are getting ready to go on vacation--a cruise this one will be different we are going to go to: costa maya, roatan (sp?), belize and cozumel. It is a birthday present and graduation gift. My hubby turned 40 this past december and although I wanted to give him a big party but he sacrificed it for me and my graduation--awwwww how sweet I know but hey I deserve it--hehe!

I started scrapping again and so far I have done about 5 pages--but three of them I am not happy with--ugh I got this new glue because I glue I just LOVE I can't find at walmart not sure why but anyway so I tried this new glue and it made my paper warp--it sucks anyway I went to M's today and got a different well see how that works out. I also plan on trying to start joining some challenges--well see how that goes as well.

well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season--wishing everyone a wonderful blessed start to a new year---positive thoughts and wishes to all! ttyl!

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