Saturday, January 15, 2011

rain rain go away.....

what is it about the rain and kids boogers? I had to call in last night for work today because the baby (nt really a baby anymore) had boogers galore--she was fine yesterday and then all of a sudden she is completely stuffed up--and now it wont stop or go away. I wonder if the cold rainy weather sends a signal to their little brains and tells them its booger time. Now I get to deal with chapped lips--snot on her cheeks--snot on her arm sleeves---AND as if that is not bad enough she keeps telling me that its only boogers mom--gotta love it! I am glad though that she doesnt have a fever and she seems to be acting herself. heres to hoping the over the counter stuff helps otherwise its going to be a long night.

so I went and got some new glue--yeah I also found my fav glue and got some of that while I was at M's. I got a few things --some clearanced items and the plan is to scrap this coming week--going to crop with some friends on wed so that should be fun and if the girls and the boogers let me then I will scrap a little tonight!

ok heres to hoping everyone stays warm!!

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